Off the Workbench: Funko Pop! Juggernaut Custom

I was recently contacted by a friend/client. He wanted me to customize a blank Funko Pop! figure into mega-popular X-Men foe Juggernaut.

juggernaut funko pop marvel x-men

Perhaps I should consider changing the name of this site to “Mikael Sculpts and Paints” or something.

Between this and a couple of Mighty Muggs commissions, it looks like the ol’ figure-making business is officially up and running again.

Juggernaut started life as a blank Funko Pop! figure.

blank funko pop

This chap, right here.

The details were sculpted on the figure using WaterStop epoxy putty. It’s not just for your roof, kids! The figure also received a brand-new paint job. I used Vallejo acrylic paints.

juggernaut wip funko pop marvel x-men custom

If you look real closely, you’ll see… my microwave.

I really enjoyed making this one. I used the Marvel Legends Series VI Juggernaut (this guy right here) as my reference. As you can see, I did my best to ensure it would fit in with regular Funko Pops! just fine. The client was really happy with it. Yay me!

Check out more pics of Funko Pop! Juggernaut below:
juggernaut marvel funko pop x-men custom

“If I jump high enough at just the right moment, I think I can reach his cookie jar…”


juggernaut marvel funko pop x-men custom

“I look like I’m swimming, but I’m not! Because I can’t swim. OhGodhelpme.”

juggernaut marvel funko pop x-men custom

To the left, to the left… no, your other left, you idiot.

juggernaut marvel funko pop x-men custom cyclops legends

“Why do you hate midgets so much, Summers? What kind of monster are you?”

juggernaut marvel funko pop x-men custom minimates spider-man spider-woman daredevil

“FEE FI FO FUM! I’m gonna, uh, something that rhymes with ‘um’! God, I hate thinking. GET BACK HERE!”

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Got a Mighty Muggs, Funko POP!, Labbit, or any other designer/vinyl toy you’d like to turn into your favorite character or original concept? Hit me up at and let’s turn that idea of yours into reality.

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