Welcome to my life: a beautiful mess of professors, baristas, former classmates, clerks, and receptionists who can’t seem to pronounce OR spell my name right.

(I go by “Kyle” these days, because it’s much more difficult to screw up than “Mikael.” Amazingly though, someone *actually* managed to fumble that, too. For about five glorious minutes last week, I was “Ile,” and my faith in the world’s ability to get even the simplest details wrong was fully restored.)

Anyway, as hard as it might be to believe, I actually write things for a living. My day job involves creating blog posts, banners, job posts, and a ton of other marketing-related content. I write about everything from moving boxes to managing Australian taxes. Fun, right? Thought so.

I also write news for the SciTech section of GMA News Online on a regular (well, semi-regular) basis. You can read some of my articles on my spiffy new author page, right here. Seriously, please do. Please? Thank you. Science is wonderful!

I used to write geeky stuff (event write-ups, comic book and movie reviews, opinion pieces, press releases, and so on) for a pop culture site called FlipGeeks – check out my articles by clicking this link, or try reading my column and see if I can make you laugh.

Last but not the least, I co-founded – and, well, write stuff for – WebsPinas, “THE PREMIER SPIDER-FANSITE OF THE PHILIPPINES” and the brainchild of three utterly obsessed Filipino Spider-Man fans.

So, uh. Enjoy your stay, I guess! I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this, but eh. Who does, really?

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