Meet Silk, the other spider bite victim in Spider-Man’s origin story

The Amazing Spider-Man just might be in for some serious girl trouble this July.

Introducing Silk, the second (and previously unknown) victim of the same radioactive spider that gave the hero his spectacular powers.


The tangled web of Silk

The mysterious new character will formally debut in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #4 (written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos). The issue is part of a series relaunch celebrating Peter Parker’s triumphant return after more than a year of his body being hijacked by his nefarious archenemy, Doctor Octopus, in a desperate bid to cheat death and prove himself to be the “superior” Spider-Man.

In August 1962’s “Amazing Fantasy” #15, Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, after which he gained his amazing abilities. However, Slott revealed in a recent interview that the spider “lived long enough to bite one other person.”

“‘Where has she been all these years? That sounds like an incredibly big secret,’ he said, twirling his mustache,” teases the longtime Spider-scribe.

Very few details have been revealed about the character so far, whose revelation spins directly out of Marvel’s mega-event, “Original Sin.”

“I wanted to do something that had a major ramification to Spider-Man’s world,” reveals the writer. “Something that really struck all the way to its core, but at the same time could leave everything you knew intact. This adds to Spider-Man’s world, and it doesn’t take anything out of foundation and crumble it.”


A “sticky” continuity situation

However, the move to stick Silk into arguably the most integral part of the Spider-mythos may not be as seamless and smooth as it seems.

In Spider-Man’s origin story, the radioactive spider died immediately after biting Parker. In fact, right after the bite, the character is shown in the comic examining what appears to be the spider’s corpse in his hand.

Additionally, the possibility of someone else receiving spider-powers from the same incident had already been explored in the past, albeit using an entirely different approach.

In 2001, the first story arc of the series “Spider-Man’s Tangled Web” featured Carl King, one of Parker’s old bullies, who witnessed the fateful spider bite and decided that he deserved to have the powers more than Parker. King picked up the spider’s corpse, consumed it, and became The Thousand, a collection of a thousand spiders possessing King’s consciousness and wearing human skin as a disguise. The character was killed off in the same story.

Still, Marvel seems intent on making sure that the character stays in the books for a long time.

“Silk is going to be a major Spider… character over the next couple years,” according to Marvel Senior Editor Nick Lowe, refusing to clearly state whether Silk will be a friend or foe to the webslinger. “She got bit by the same spider that Peter Parker did and we’re starting to tease her story in every issue of Amazing Spider-Man.”

Lowe reveals that Silk’s story “was something that Dan Slott started working on with former Spidey-Editor Steve Wacker and Associate Editor Ellie Pyle when the ‘Original Sin’ event was in its formative time.”

Lowe has also confirmed that Silk will be part of the upcoming “Spider-Verse” event in November, which unites all the incarnations of Spider-Man that Marvel is allowed to use in a single comic book story arc.

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