GEEK TOOTH: Seafood That’ll Make You Say “HOLY CRAB!”

Not-so-fun fact: I used to be allergic to shrimp, crab, and other similar types of seafood.

It reached a point where the mere scent of shrimp being cooked one room away would make me want to hurl. Now, I had nothing against the taste of shrimp or crab; as a matter of fact, I love my mother’s shrimp tempura recipe so much. It’s just that my body tends to be a very uncooperative brat at times.

Over the years, though, I seem to have successfully overcome my allergy already – just ask all the shrimp garlic pizza I’ve eaten over the last half-decade. To be REALLY sure, though, I felt the need to sit down and actually sample some full seafood courses. After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen (aside from me painting the floors and walls of the poor establishment I end up eating at with my own vomit)?

My desire to tempt fate and finally get the chance to enjoy the food I’ve stopped myself from eating for so long eventually led me to Holy Crab! Seafood Bar, a very pleasant seafood joint located at the SM Mall of Asia.

holy crab mall of asia

You won’t find Plankton praying here, that’s for sure.

unicorn_holy crab_moa

A nice, plump unicorn eyes our seafood longingly.

iced tea_lemonade_holy crab

Their refreshing iced tea and lemonade are really, really good. Perfect for these hot summer days.

calamares_holy crab

I think I ate half of this. No regrets. NO REGREEEEETS

gambas_holy crab

This platter of spicy gambas was one of the stars of our seafood-filled night.


How did they make me, a boy who used to be allergic to shrimp and crabs, a believer? Miracles, that’s how. Miracles and some damn fine seafood dishes.

food_holy crab

I can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that yes, they actually did taste as good as they look here. Some, much better, even.

holycrab_holycrabmentality_StraightArrow Corporation

The only good kind of crab mentality: #HolyCrabMentality.

Holy Crab

The friendly, helpful, and accommodating folks behind Holy Crab.

holy crab_philippines_StraightArrow

We’ll definitely come back for more. Thank you so much, Holy Crab!

Photos by Hana Abello

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