Ex Libris Philippines invites YOU to watch “Captain America: Civil War”

Ex Libris Philippines is giving you the chance to become a real-life superhero – all you need to do is to buy tickets to the hottest superhero blockbuster of the summer, Captain America: Civil War. This special screening will be held on Thursday, April 28, 2016, at Cinema 2 of Rockwell Power Plant.

Why should I buy tickets from Ex Libris Philippines?

Each ticket you buy from Ex Libris will help finance the education of deserving students from the University of the Philippines. Think about it: You don’t need to have a suit of high-tech armor, webshooters, or Super Soldier Serum running through your veins to make a difference. Just buy tickets – bring your friends, too! – and have a blast seeing your favorite Marvel superheroes in action on the silver screen.

I can vouch for these wonderful people, as I was one of the scholars they helped years ago.

For ticket reservations and inquiries, please contact the following people:

Gabi – 0920-947-0835 or 0906-566-0659

Judith – 0915-266-8761

Bernice – 0917-844-3934

Here are the official posters – click to enlarge:

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About Ex Libris Philippines

Ex Libris Philippines is a nationwide and government-recognized non-stock, nonprofit organization for book enthusiasts. The organization believes that the nobility of ideals and great vision should not just exist in the pages of books or in the minds of authors long-dead and gone, but in reality. It holds fundraisers for the organization’s Scholarship Project to help send deserving but financially needy U.P. students to school.

Ex Libris Philippines has an organized system of booklending that enables each and every member to have access to many other books through the other members’ collections, encouraging them to read more, broaden their literary horizons, or simply bask in the companionship of fellow book lovers. The members of the organization hold book sessions to foster good fellowship and good reading.

Future plans of Ex Libris Philippines include the establishment of more scholarships to help send deserving youth to school; the formation of ties with other schools, university libraries, and publishing houses; sponsoring author appearances; and participating in various noteworthy literary causes—such as volunteering to help teach school children how to read.

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