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spider-man venom mikael writes

Stop hassling me, Symbiote of Self-Doubt! Shh! I’m trying to sell myself here!

Here’s my online portfolio:

I mainly write film, book, and restaurant reviews; I also cover events (and even write about fashion, too). Oh, and I can talk for hours about comic books. Especially about Spider-Man. Just drop me a line at

I also customize action figures!  Here’s my profile on FigureRealm I tend to stick to vinyl/designer toys these days, though (as you can see in this post right here – clicky clicky). If you’re interested in having me paint, repaint, customize, or flat-out redesign beyond recognition any Mighty Muggs/Funko/Munny/<insert hip new designer toy here> collectibles, send me an email at, you guessed it, for rates and timetables.

Thanks for swinging by!

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