I helped bury Marcos as a hero

Today, I became a tool for historical revisionism. Today, I buried a dictator as a hero. I played a key role in interring Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr. – corrupt president, merciless strongman, and patriarch of an entire family of politicians that has persistently plagued Philippine society for decades – in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani, and I didn’t even […]

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Arrowland by Gandiva: A shot at being Hawkeye


If you were to ask me who my favorite superhero is, I’d probably scream “SPIDER-MAN!” before you could even finish your question. Somewhere in my top 10, though, is a pretty underappreciated Marvel hero who tends to be the butt of most jokes at Avengers parties: Hawkeye. Aside from his devil-may-care attitude and ability to make a purple costume look cool, I […]

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Midnight snack: Beyond the Box’s iPhone 7 launch

iPhone 7

Nearly 3 hours before the iPhone 7 Midnight Launch event at Beyond The Box’s Resorts World Manila branch last November 11, Apple fans and smartphone enthusiasts were already in line, eager to take a bite out of the tech giant’s spiffy new offerings. Hotly anticipated as the next entries in the popular iPhone smartphone series, the iPhone 7 and 7 […]

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Why Onslaught should be in the next X-Men movie

The X-Men film franchise is the Epic Meal Time of superhero movies: A large quantity of delicious ingredients (fan-favorite characters, comic-based plots, jaw-dropping special effects, iconic villains) and bacon (Wolverine – Canadian, duh) mixed together in the same predictable fashion as pretty much every other recipe before it (Wolverine snikts! Cerebro malfunctions! Magneto’s character development goes out the window!), resulting in meals that, while visually satisfying, are too messy and greasy to […]

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KOMIKON-versations: Toto Madayag (Libreng Komiks)

Libreng Komiks

At 71,000 fans and counting, to say that Libreng Komiks is a success is an understatement. With sharp wit, simple (but sometimes brutal) punchlines, a distinctive art style, and a finger on the pulse of pop culture, Libreng Komiks has become the source of many memes and humorous, passive-aggressive jabs, perfect for a generation of online Pinoys who love to poke fun at anything […]

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grammar geek guide prepositions

Welcome to Grammar Geek Guide, where I’ll be writing about common grammatical mistakes and Filipinisms (English phrases commonly attributed to Filipinos that may be considered incorrect, poorly constructed, or inappropriate, often as a result of mistranslation). Before anything else, I’d like to stress that I am neither a grammar teacher nor an English degree holder. In fact, a lot of the grammar […]

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Ex Libris Philippines invites YOU to watch “Captain America: Civil War”

Ex Libris Philippines is giving you the chance to become a real-life superhero – all you need to do is to buy tickets to the hottest superhero blockbuster of the summer, Captain America: Civil War. This special screening will be held on Thursday, April 28, 2016, at Cinema 2 of Rockwell Power Plant. Why should I buy tickets from Ex Libris […]

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Summer Komikon 2016: It’s Back!

Summer Komikon returns! After taking a short break, Summer Komikon is back! On Saturday, April 16, 2016, enjoy a full day of fun-packed and over-flowing artistic creativity! Komiks fans can head over to the Bayanihan Center, Unilab Compound in Pasig City from 10 AM to 7 PM to get the latest and the freshest of our locally made komiks. Get ready to heat up […]

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A comic book fan’s take on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

batman v superman dawn of justice

Regardless of whether you think the medium has evolved and aged with its readership or simply remains patronized by adults who seemingly refuse to grow up, the impact of comic books on pop culture is undeniable. Hollywood certainly thinks so, which is why the superhero movie genre has gone from being a refreshing novelty to a full-blown, yearly spectacle. It […]

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