Arrowland by Gandiva: A shot at being Hawkeye

If you were to ask me who my favorite superhero is, I’d probably scream “SPIDER-MAN!” before you could even finish your question. Somewhere in my top 10, though, is a pretty underappreciated Marvel hero who tends to be the butt of most jokes at Avengers parties: Hawkeye. Aside from his devil-may-care attitude and ability to make a purple costume look cool, I also admire his archery skills. In fact, I’ve often fancied trying my hand at some good old bow-and-arrow tomfoolery. So when I received an invitation to the opening of Arrowland by Gandiva, a brand-new haven for bowmen at SM Megamall, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity.


Arrowland: Where the fun is right on target

Established with the aim of making archery a more accessible and budget-friendly hobby for the general public, Arrowland is the newest archery range under Gandiva Archery, one of the Philippines’ premier archery brands.

And because I’m a colossal turbonerd, I wore my Hawkeye (or should I say, “Hawkguy“) shirt to the event, under my favorite (read: only) black trenchcoat. I would have taken a nice selfie or something, but I was too busy trying not to accidentally shoot people due to sheer ineptitude.


The host loved my shirt, and couldn’t stop calling me “Hawkeye.” Eh, beats being called “Alyas Robin Hood,” I guess.


Based on my skill level, I’m probably the guy in the middle. (It’s also highly likely that I was responsible for shooting all those arrows into the poor guy’s thigh. Kidding.)


Instructor: (holds back laughter) “See with your mind’s eye, Hawkeye, and you’ll hit the bullseye. Aye, aye!” Me: “…I already regret wearing this stupid shirt.”


Instructor: “All right, now, give it your best shot!” Me: “Okay! *breathes in* PTERODACTYL!” Instructor: “…” Me: “…What?”

A cheap shot

Interested to try your hand at archery, but afraid that it’ll tear a hole right through your budget? Check out Arrowland’s rates, listed below.


Fun fact: 1 Coldplay VIP ticket is equivalent to roughly 3461 arrows. That’s value for money, yo!

Arrowland is the perfect place for you if you’re in search of something new and interesting to try, a unique date experience, a fun bonding session with your family, or even a venue to blow off some steam.

Especially if you can’t sing or play the piano.

Aim to visit Arrowland by Gandiva at SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall. For inquiries, please call 577-0956 or send them an email at Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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