Acer Aspire Switch Laptops #PullItOff with Flair

Back when I was in high school, I often found myself wishing that I had a laptop that I could use to work on projects, reports, papers, and other academic requirements. Sure, I had a desktop PC and a relatively stable internet connection at home, but that means diddly squat when you’re halfway to school and you realize that you forgot to research chemical bonds or finish the book review that was due on the same day.

I needed a portable and reliable partner, and it wasn’t until college when I was finally able to get myself a small laptop (a notebook, actually). Back then, though, those things were quite pricey, and if you didn’t pick a model with a long battery life (at the time, mine was the best model in terms of power efficiency), you were stuck sitting on the cold, hard floor of your college building, right next to whatever unoccupied electrical socket you could find.

Well, Acer has released a new line of laptops perfect for students who want to stay one step ahead of their school stuff. In fact, when I saw what these things could do, it made me wish that they were released years ago, so that my younger self could have put them to good use.

Check out the Acer Aspire Switch laptops below and find out how their features can help you accomplish all your academic tasks. Whether it’s a reaction paper, a thesis, or a script, with Acer’s Aspire Switch laptops, you can definitely #PullItOff.

Acer Aspire Switch 12

The Acer Aspire Switch 12.

Imagine holding a thin, sleek device in your hands. At first glance, you probably wouldn’t even think that this device, which has five modes (notebook, pad, display, tent, and desktop), packs quite a punch under the hood: an Intel® Core™ M processor, a stable operating system in the form of Windows 8.1, eye-popping graphics on a full HD display, and a significantly lower power consumption than most modern laptops. Oh, and before I forget, it also has a huge, 12.5-inch touch-screen display reinforced with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, perpetually protecting it from scratches and other physical damage.

Indeed, when it comes to versatility and durability, few can match the power of the Acer Aspire Switch 12. Plus, it even manages to keep fingerprint smudges off its screen, too!

Acer Aspire Switch 11

The Acer Aspire Switch 11.

Devices that can switch, flip, turn, and be used in a variety of ways are all the rage these days. That’s why the Acer Aspire Switch line has the Aspire Switch 11. Attached to the keyboard via a powerful magnet, the Aspire Switch 11 has an Acer Snap Hinge™ that lets it rotate, detach, and flip with ease. Use it for note-taking, quick typing, or researching on-the-go; with its Precision Touchpad that supports six gestures, none of those should be a problem.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E


The Acer Aspire Switch 10 E.

Last but certainly not the least, Aspire Switch 10 E comes with a sleek body, textile-pattern texture, and multiple color options to suit your preferences. Featuring a Windows 8.1 operating system, an Intel quad-core processor, and a whopping 12 hours of battery life, you can count on the Aspire Switch 10 E to be your best study buddy, especially when you have to pull off those dreaded all-nighters.


Colorful and stylish.

You can protect the data on your HDD by locking the keyboard dock in tablet form with the Aspire Switch 10 E’s built-in Acer SwitchLock™ feature. Simply snap the tablet off the keyboard to lock it from use (or back on to unlock it).


Pick a color and pull it off in style.

To further sweeten the deal, Acer has a couple of gadget bundles you surely wouldn’t want to miss. If you buy any Aspire Switch 2-in-1 netbook or an Aspire Switch 12 from now until June 30, you’ll get an Instax Mini 8 camera for free!


You’ll never miss a moment (or any deadlines, for that matter) with Acer.

In need of an internet provider you can rely on, anywhere you go? From May 15 to June 15, 2015, every purchase of an Acer Iconia W1 2-in-1 netbook gets you a FREE Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wi-Fi unit!


The perfect deal for busy professionals and students who are always on the go.

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