The obligatory year-end essay, 2017 edition

It is here at my mother’s place, on my newly bought laptop, with our neighbors partying the last few hours of 2017 away as The Dawn’s Salamat blares triumphantly in the background, that I decided to write the year-end essay nobody asked for, while reminiscing about my extremely befuddling 2017. Interestingly, as soon as I finished writing that introductory paragraph, I went back and […]

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Second strike: MARVEL’S THE PUNISHER Season 2 greenlit

marvel, the punisher, netflix

After dealing with a top-secret military conspiracy and the betrayal of his best friend, Frank Castle thought he could find peace at last. As it turns out, he was just getting started — and now, he’s got more work to do. Unsurprisingly, Netflix announced that Marvel’s The Punisher will officially return at an as-of-yet-unannounced date. Check out the official Marvel’s The Punisher […]

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